The Hamiltonian Republican is a subsidiary blog of The American Moderate for reformist thinkers on the center-right, concerned with revitalizing political discourse and public policy thought on the center-right in the enfolding era in American politics.

We cover all major public issues, from foreign affairs, to national policy and politics, to state-level policy and politics, to American culture.

The Hamiltonian Republican shall be, first and foremost, a partisan blog dedicated to fostering a new conversation among young Republican intellectuals concerning the future direction of the Republican Party. It will not have a formal party line, nor will it usually speak in a unified editorial voice.

It will rather be centered around a new term for a new species of politico- the Hamiltonian Republican- and four principles- Hamiltonian Economics, Nationalist Politics, Realist Strategy, Moderate Temperament- whose definitions and applications and heritages will be vigorously debated and discussed over the medium of the columns on the blog. The Hamiltonian Republican will be a conversation, not a program, nor an ideology.

The federalist structure of the content-creation and editorial processes will allow The Hamiltonian Republican’s writers to better develop their own intellectual patterns and traditions, and better articulate them through their corpuses of work. Subsidiarity, not solidarity, will be paramount. What solidarity there is will be formed over time, as general currents coalesce in conversation.

The express purpose of the blog will be to provide a new locus, and a new language, of debate for moderate Republicans of reformist principles and moderate temperament. Through debating the legacies of Alexander Hamilton and the Hamiltonian tradition throughout American and Republican history, we will seek to inform ideas for a better future for the party and for the country.

If the GOP is to survive into the future as a responsible governing party, it will need to reform itself, in our opinion along moderate lines. We are prepared to provide commentary, analysis, and opinion on the contours of such reform moving forward.

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