Playing President

By Fairooz Adams

America’s president in the present day is not a president in the normal sense, but merely acts like one on television, and poorly at that. Donald Trump’s actions which generate fantastical headlines have little substantive value. Whether in domestic policy its preventing the outsourcing of jobs or the latest foreign policy for-show strikes on Syria, the president had characterized his short rule by signing executive orders written by others, reading speeches written by others, and playing an exorbitant amount of time watching television and golfing.

His approach to being the commander-in-chief is to play one on television for a few hours at a day. He signs orders and supports policies without really understanding what those policies are. Trump’s gross level of ineptitude and disregard for the noble art of statecraft necessitates his swift removal from the corridors of power, lest he do something irreversible ruinous. In the past this author has published articles in The Hamiltonian Republican arguing Donald Trump posits  a silver lining, an opportunity, to reclaim the soul of the Republican Party from extremists. That continues to be the correct analysis. Country, however, must always come before party. Waiting for the president to destroy the present day Republican Party has the added possibility of subjecting the nation to extraordinary abuse through mismanagement and gross incompetence. The stakes for our Republic have rarely been higher.

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