The Hamiltonian Republican is Looking for Writers

My name is Luke Phillips, and I am the Editor of one of the first blogs in the TAM network, The Hamiltonian Republican. We are a partisan commentary and analysis blog, dedicated to informing a reformist center-right faction in the Republican Party.

Many moderate Republicans claim to be “fiscally conservative and socially liberal.” Though The Hamiltonian Republican might technically fall into that category if you squint hard enough, we don’t look at ourselves that way. It would be more accurate to say that THR is center-left on economics and center-right on culture.

Want something more specific? Look at the traditions we admire, and through which we trace our political genealogy- the Hamiltonian Federalists, the Whigs, Lincoln’s Republicans, the Progressive Republicans of Theodore Roosevelt, the right wing of the New Deal Democrats, the Rockefeller Republicans of midcentury.

On economics, we are Hamiltonians, supporters of the mixed-market economy, public investment, and a reformed welfare state.

On culture, we are moderately conservative in the Burkean sense, supportive of the need for a healthy national identity and suspicious of schemes assuming the fundamental goodness of human nature.

On foreign affairs, we are Kissingerian realists, appreciating the need for prudence on the world stage, concerned for the preservation of international order rather than the liberation of the world’s peoples.

On politics, we are ultimately Rooseveltian nationalists with a healthy respect for political reform and a federalist division of powers, dedicated to preserving the federal union and improving its administration.

If you admire and identify with public officials like Governor Jon Huntsman and Defense Secretary Robert Gates- moderate Republicans with a country-first ethos- you might be one of us. If you look upon Alexander Hamilton and Theodore Roosevelt as the beau ideals of statesmen, or if you appreciate Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s and Henry Kissinger’s prescriptions for domestic and foreign affairs in the contemporary world, you might be an ideal fit for our blog.

We are looking for writers and editors to partake in our operation. We will be publishing rigorous analytical and commentary content several times a week, and longer essays and reports a few times a year. My personal goal is to help every THR writer to improve their skills and voice well enough to be published in major national center-right publications like The American Interest or National Affairs within a year of their joining THR. We will be a beacon of commentary for reformers on the center-right, but we will also be a proving ground for young writers to improve their skills and enter the public stage.

Please feel free to email me at with any questions, and if you are interested in joining, include your resume.

I look forward to working with you as we work to inform a better center-right!




Luke Phillips

Editor, The Hamiltonian Republican

One thought on “The Hamiltonian Republican is Looking for Writers

  1. Good luck in your effort here – I highly recommend that you fix your website layout issues. I work in web design and online marketing and I can tell you that you will be judged based on the packaging, almost as much – and sometimes more – as on your content.

    You also really need to have some easy ways to follow your blog – I can, because I’m one of the rare few anymore that still use RSS, but you’re missing out on repeat traffic without having at least Facebook, Twitter and email subscription widgets in prominent places, as well as not leaving your front page and sidebar empty of links to other content.

    Best of luck. It takes a long long time to build a following, but if you keep at it and learn a little about online marketing, you’ll be way ahead of the vast majority.

    PS – It’s a shame that Robert Gates never decided to run for anything, isn’t it?


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