Introducing The Hamiltonian Republican, at The American Moderate

Hello again, readers.

After briefly retiring The New Hamiltonian, we are bringing it back into commission- as a proving ground for a new blog we’ll be starting in a few weeks, The Hamiltonian Republican, a subsidiary blog for the website The American Moderate.

We’ll be blogging at The New Hamiltonian’s website daily until The Hamiltonian Republican has been set up at The American Moderate, to get into battle rhythm, to develop storylines and narratives, and to prepare a corpus of initial content to be published over at The Hamiltonian Republican on its first day of existence.

Philosophically, style-wise, and staff-wise, The Hamiltonian Republican will be more or less exactly the same as The New Hamiltonian. But the new website, the new format, and the new community will offer opportunities for greater outreach and readership and more conversation between our writers and members of other political movements.

All this being said, here are the edited intro statements for The New Hamiltonian, which we combine and adopt, with some amendments, as the intro statement for The Hamiltonian Republican:

The Hamiltonian Republican is a subsidiary blog of The American Moderate for reformist thinkers on the center-right, concerned with revitalizing political discourse and public policy thought on the center-right in the enfolding era in American politics.

We cover all major public issues, from foreign affairs, to national policy and politics, to state-level policy and politics, to American culture. Our writers approach these from a generally Realist, Hamiltonian, and philosophically conservative mindset.

A few general principles, loosely and broadly interpreted and debated, will inform our writings and advocacy:

On political economy, we are Hamiltonians through-and-through.

On politics, we are ultimately American nationalists with a healthy respect for federalism and reform.

On foreign affairs, we align with realist internationalists.

On culture, we are moderately conservative. 

If the GOP is to survive into the future as a responsible governing party, it will need to reform itself, in our opinion along moderate lines. We are prepared to provide commentary, analysis, and opinion on the contours of such reform moving forward.

All this being said, daily blogging will commence tomorrow. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Luke Phillips, Editor

Heberto Limas-Villers, Staff Writer

Fairooz Adams, Staff Writer


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