Run, Jon, Run!

Luke Phillips, Assistant Editor


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday it was leaked, and then confirmed, that Governor Jon Huntsman is considering running for Utah’s Senate seat in the event that Senator Orrin Hatch decides to retire.

We at The New Hamiltonian are big fans of Huntsman’s. He’s our beau ideal of a statesman, the type America needs these days- unflinchingly patriotic, pragmatic and non-ideological in governance, including governing with Democrats, and generally reformist in temperament. His tenure as Governor of Utah is normally cited as a good one, and he crossed the partisan aisle to serve as President Obama’s Ambassador to China. If you’re looking for someone who knows how to govern and plays well with other kids, this is him.

Unfortunately, Huntsman’s post-ambassadorial career has not been nearly as stellar, though it seems to have been built around the same principles. Huntsman presided as Chairman of the Atlantic Council in an age when the internationalism the Atlantic Council promotes has been voted down in most every major Western country. More importantly, the domestic political advocacy he chairs with Joe Lieberman- No Labels- has been mostly an unimpressive flop of an organization, with lots of good intentions and plenty of dollars raised, but no real results.

In his post-ambassadorial life, Huntsman’s two big projects have been largely elder-statesman-like efforts to advocate for the principles he lived by while in office. It would seem, however, that he’s been better at promoting those principles while holding public office than in the nonprofit sector afterwards. So what better career move for him than running for office again?

Here’s to wishing Governor Huntsman well in this new endeavor. We’ll be following him closely.

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