Thoughts on Trump (So Far)

By Heberto Limas-Villers, Editor-in-Chief

When Donald Trump won the presidency on November 8th, against all odds given by the establishment, I decided to give him time to prove his leadership and see what he will do. I haven’t protested, as some have done, nor have I went out and chanted “Build the Wall,” like some of Trump’s supporters. Like many, I have been carefully watching his transition to the White House giving him a chance to prove himself.

Now that I have given him nearly two weeks, I must say that I am a bit disappointed. The recent SNL skit on Donald Trump accurately shows how unprepared he is to take the presidency come January. His transition team has been muddied consistently from sacking Governor Chris Christie to shuffling his team around ejecting lobbyists from his team and replacing them with loyalists.

That is, unfortunately, the tip of what has happened since his victory. Already there are conflicts of interest in regards to his business ventures, as was shown with his daughter, Ivanka Trump, present at her father’s meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He has also appointed Steve Bannon, the right-wing editor of Breitbart  News whose website is replete with clickbait and thinly veiled racism. Furthermore, he is even considering even more reactionary men for the government such as  Jeff Sessions, Mike Pompeo and even Ted Cruz for Attorney General, CIA Director, and Supreme Court Justice respectively. Finally, he has acted rather inappropriately asking the cast of Hamilton to apologize after they said a few words directed at Governor Mike Pence who attended the musical.

Of course, the president-elect has been offering some areas that give us hope from his interview with Barbara Walters in 60 Minutes to his appointment of Reince Priebus for Chief of Staff. Also, he hasn’t been sworn in yet and it is hard to judge a man when he hasn’t been sworn in yet. Nevertheless, we are still concerned over the way he is acting so far. It doesn’t seem that Mr. Trump understands the gravity of the office that he ran since 2015 and probably will not until he is sworn in. We at The New Hamiltonian hope that he can reverse this trend and moderate himself for the sake of the Republic. Needless to say, after what we have seen on the campaign trail, we are not holding our breath. We encourage our readers and fellow Republicans to keep a strong eye on our new president and to keep him accountable to what he does now and in the future. As for Donald Trump, we implore him to remember his promise to the American people on his victory speech: to Make America Great Again because right now, it sounds more like Make America Divided Again.


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